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Philadelphia Improvisation and Experimental Music Calendar

This website is offered as a service to benefit the art music scenes in Philadelphia as a calendar of events. This site is maintained by Christian Moehring and other local artists who saw a need for a centralized calendar for this type of music and is not associated with any company or organization.

This is a calendar of events for improvised and experimental music concerts in a variety of venues throughout Philadelphia, PA.

How to submit your events to the calendar

If you would like to list your event on the calendar please follow these guidelines:

  • Your event must be a show based on improvisation or experimental music and in the Philadelphia area.
  • Send all information regarding your event in the body of the e-mail (no attachments). Please include:
    WHEN (date and time)
    WHERE (name of venue, address)
    WHO (musicians names, optional: a title / pieces performed)
  • Include a short description of the event as well as the full listing information. We may edit for length on the main page.
  • We don’t post photos or videos
  • Please only include the information you want publicly visible on the listing.

Please keep in mind that this is a voluntary service – often things get posted quickly, but sometimes it can take a few days therefore send us your events well in advance to make sure they’re listed. Any questions or corrections about your listing, please email me.

Contact us at: avantphilly(@)gmail.com

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