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May 19 - May 25
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    Joe Moffett/Zach Rowden/John McCowen & Bonnie Lander/John Dierker

    7:00 PM
    713 North 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123
    713 North 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123
    Joe Moffett/Zach Rowden/John McCowen trio:
    New York-­based trumpeter and improviser Joe Moffett approaches his work with a keen interest in unconventional sounds and forms, collective composition, solo instrumental performance, and the intersection of words and music. He is a regular participant in the improvised/experimental music scene in Brooklyn and is a co-founder of ensembles such as Earth Tongues, Twins of El Dorado and the Kaplan/Merega/Moffett Trio. His material appears on Neither/Nor, Underwolf, Eh?, NotTwo, and Prom Night Records.
    Zach Rowden deals with the acoustic and performative possibilities of the upright/electric basses. He is a soloist in Iancu Dumitrescu and the late Ana Maria Avram’s Hyperion Ensemble. Current collaborators include Tyshawn Sorey, Paul Flaherty, Michael Foster’s The Ghost, Robert Black, Chris Cretella, Matt Sargent. Charmaine Lee and Gus Caldwell. Venues that have welcomed him include Harpa (Reykjavik), Romanian Radio Hall (Bucharest), Cafe Oto (London), Heimathafen Neukölln (Berlin), Issue Project Room (New York), Firehouse 12 (New Haven), and Real Art Ways (Hartford).
    John McCowen is a New York based composer and performer whose work focuses on extending the possibilities of the clarinet family. John embraces long-form drones, difference tones, and beating harmonics as a means to extrude the dimensionality within – treating the clarinet as an acoustic synthesizer. His works for ensemble utilize spectral techniques to superimpose the timbral/sonic characteristics of the clarinet onto a grouping of instruments. This may include the clarinet as a solo instrument while the ensemble functions as a resonant system.
    Bonnie Lander/John Dierker duo:
    Bonnie Lander is an avant-garde soprano, violinist, free improviser, and composer based in Baltimore.  As a performer and composer Bonnie specializes in works that combine free improvisation with structured composition. In the past few years she has developed a series of theatrical works called “Inside Voices.” These works intend for the audience to experience the voices, noises, and emotional narratives in the performer’s mind through the operatic use of timbre, resonance, articulation as well as extended vocal techniques relating to everyday use of the voice. This combination provides a musical exploration of personal experience mixed with confrontational, visceral human expression.
    Baltimore’s “Most Valuable Player,” John Dierker’s ongoing inspiration covers a huge range of music, from rock-and-roll and surf music to arcane forms of jazz and free improvisation. Unpretentious and extremely passionate, the evocatively high integrity screech and warble of Dierker’s horn can be heard most nights of the week at venues throughout the city with groups like The Swingin’ Swamis, New Volcanoes, il culo, and The Can Openers. He has a highly distinctive sound and is increasingly known outside of Baltimore in free jazz circles and through collaborations with musicians like Bonnie Lander, Jeff Arnal, Sean Meehan, and Lafayette Gilcrhist.
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