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May 31
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    Joe Baiza/Jason Kahn duo, Hermit High Priestess & George Korein and The Spleen

    8:00 PM
    602 S. 52nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA
    602 S. 52nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA
    Joe Baiza/Jason Kahn duo:
    Joe Baiza is a punk rock and improvising guitarist whom Eugene Chadbourne cites as one of the most noteworthy guitarists to emerge from the Southern California punk rock milieu. Baiza is a founding member of the bands Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of, and The Mecolodiacs. He also performed guest guitar spots on several Minutemen tracks and played alongside Black Flag’s Greg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski in the SST all-star jam band October Faction, recording two albums with them. Baiza was also part of the musical side project Nastassya Filippovna which featured Bob Lee (drums), Devin Sarno (bass) and Mike Watt (bass).
    Baiza substituted for Nels Cline during Mike Watt’s European and American tours behind his second solo album, Contemplating the Engine Room, in 1997 and 1998. Also in 1997, he and Cline played (sometimes together) in the band Solo Career with Lee (drums), Richard Derrick (bass), Walter Zooi (trumpet) and Gustavo Aguilar (percussion). Currently, Baiza plays with Saccharine Trust as well as the improvisational unit Unknown Instructors with former Minutemen Mike Watt and George Hurley.
    Jason Kahn  is a musician, artist and writer. He was born in New York and grew up in Los Angeles. In 1990 he re-located to Europe and is currently based in Zürich. Working with drums, voice, guitar and electronics Kahn collaborates regularly with many musicians in projects which blur the edges between improvisation, electronics, noise and rock. As a visual artists Kahn has shown his installations in museums, galleries, art spaces and public
    sites internationally.  Performing regularly around the world, in 2011 Kahn started the Editions imprint to publish his own recordings and writings.
    Hermit High Priestess:
    “Hermit High Priestess are two wandering spirits informed by an idealistic re-imagining of punk rock, where magic and incantation are as much a part of the punk rock process as are cryptically scrawled black t-shirts. Dani and Anna play music that is heavy, yet still somehow heavenly, forgoing the three-chord stomp and bash of yet another Ramones or Discharge reincarnation. Instead their music, like on “The Rake’s Wave”, a standout track on their forthcoming EP, infuses warm strings, mischievous bass and xylophone lines, along with Anna’s determined, heartfelt vocals ruminating on the necromantic nature of systems that corrupt our dreams.”-Alex Smith/WXPN The Key
    George Korein & The Spleen:
    George Korein is this guy who was born in a Wawa. A long time ago he was in a duo somebody described as “theatrical noise” called Infidel?/Castro! with metal wunderkind Colin Marston (of Gorguts fame). Since then he has been making many albums as “George Korein and the Spleen”, which tend to be lyric-oriented and thematically grouped. This show will celebrate the release of the new album “Effortless Quest”, a collection of songs exploring some relationships between real life and the concept of adventure. With the help of great Philly musicians, he will perform the album, slightly abridged.
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