26 SEP: Queen Elephantine, Ooloi, Suuduer, Pyramid Minds

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09/26/2019 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
The Pharmacy
Address: 1300 S. 18TH ST PHILADELPHIA, PA 19146
//outsider psychedelic free jazz drone sludge freakout\\

Queen Elephantine
"Incredible... Masters of evocative, atmospheric drone, enlisting a multitude of musical traditions from across the world to create aural environments that feel ancient and earthy. Entrancing riffs crawl and repeat before either exploring into a flurry of noise or collapsing complete to almost nothing but an ego-destroying drone and group chanting." —Terrorizer

"Avant-noise punk jazz supergroup featuring members of Space Fuck, Static Bros, Sour Spirit, King Azaz among others" - XPN


Pyramid Minds
If you've ever wondered what particle physics might sound like -- we might do it.

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