Argyle Torah, Bonnie Lander + Batya McAdam-Somer, Peter Redgrave

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09/16/2019 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Argyle Torah, Bonnie Lander + Batya McAdam-Somer, Peter Redgrave

Discovery Center
Address: 3401 Reservoir Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA
An evening of New Music, Dance, and Earthly Delights featuring

Bonnie Lander: Voice
Batya McAdam‐Somer: Violin
György Kurtág’s Kalfka Fragments

Peter Redgrave: Movement
performing his new solo work
The Audition

Argyle Torah (Aaron Pond + Thomas Patteson)
Improvisations of Man and Machine

Suggested Donation $5-15
Not a single soul turned away for lack of funds


Bonnie Lander (soprano) and Batya Macadam-Somer (violin):
classically trained musicians who specialize in collaborative new chamber music. After meeting in 2011 at the UC San Diego graduate program, Batya and Bonnie have been collaborating on a variety of projects including new chamber music, folk music, original music, and improvised performance.
About “Kafka Fragments”: Composed in the 1980’s by Hungarian composer György Kurtág, Kafka Fragments is a concert-length chamber piece for voice and violin comprised 40 miniature works that each set a different fragment of text from Franz Kafka’s journals and letters.

Peter Redgrave:
an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Baltimore, Maryland. He creates movement based performances, dances, but they are not really dances. He has trained with Butoh dancers, contact improvisors, clowns, and he skateboarded for years. He is trying not to fall down as much.
He is currently touring the first section of his newest solo project. It has a working title, “The Audition.” It is an investigation into the show biz machine.

Argyle Torah
Thomas Patteson + Aaron Pond are buds spiraling out from soil in delicate procedures. The difference- small. Both befriend the spirit of the sun. Thomas channels UV rays through circuits into pure aurality. Aaron makes petals ruminate.

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