Argyle Torah, Leo Suarez, The Birds of the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir

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08/09/2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Argyle Torah, Leo Suarez, The Birds of the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir

Discovery Center
Address: 3401 Reservoir Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA
A combination of sight, sound, and taste. This event is part concert, part natural exploration, part sublime sourdough tasting. It's an intersensory experience to knock your socks off. Admission is free, with concert goers welcome to come and go as they wish. The performers for the evening are Argyle Torah- an improvising duo combining modular synthesizer/harmonium and Voice/Kalimba and Leo Suarez, an improvising percussionist. Bird walks will be facilitated by the wonderful people at The Discovery Center. Each bird walk will have a different focus as the evening progresses. 

About Argyle Torah:
Thomas Patteson + Aaron Pond are buds spiraling out from soil in delicate procedures. The difference- small. Both befriend the spirit of the sun. Thomas channels UV rays through circuits into pure aurality. Aaron makes petals ruminate.

About Leo Suarez:

A recent transplant from Tampa, FL to Philadelphia, percussionist Leo Suarez performs, records and tours within various rock contexts, as well as in many different experimental and improvised settings. Suarez currently stays active with his groups TONED (with Nathan Corder and Tom Weeks), wMerchandise, Carnivorous Bells and countless  duos and trios. In November of 2018, Leo Suarez released "Marbles On Tile", his first release for solo drum-set which explores colors, overtones and melodic development through the vehicle of improvised percussion.

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