Crompton/Sloan duo w/ Blacksberg/Rosen/Suarez & Robin Meeker-Cummings

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07/20/2019 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop
Phone:(267) 639-2442
Address: 713 North 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123
Saturday, July 20th
Doors 7PM, Music 7:30PM, all over by 10!

Crompton/Sloan – A fantastic duo comprised of Peter Sloan (trombone) coming from San Diego, and Jeff Crompton (alto sax) from Atlanta!

Blacksberg/Rosen/Suarez – a Philadelphia-based trio of Dan Blacksberg (trombone), Ben Rosen (keys), and Leo Suarez (drums)

Robin Meeker-Cummings – Solo electronics! Robin is a composer from Philadelphia, now based in Boston.

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