Ecstatic Music Band, Keith Fullerton Whitman

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03/20/2020 8:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ecstatic Music Band, Keith Fullerton Whitman

Pageant : Soloveev
Phone:(215) 733-0309
Address: 607 Bainbridge St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
- Ecstatic Music Band (SF)
- Keith Fullerton Whitman (NYC)
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- Ecstatic Music Band -
Ecstatic Music Band is a rotating collective of 10+ members. The group performs on both amplified-acoustic and electric stringed instruments using tuning systems derived directly from the overtone series, producing dense and dynamic fields of harmonic interference and reinforcement, while searching for a deep consonance amid the flux of microtonal variations, beating tones, difference tones, and psychoacoustic phenomena.

- Keith Fullerton Whitman -
Keith Fullerton Whitman is a Composer & Performer based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He is currently in the process of realizing geographically & thematically relevant Live Electronic Music under the "Redactions" banner, as well as performing contemporary revisions of his classic "Generators" and "Playthroughs" frameworks. Recently he has performed at Silent Night in Prague, NEXT in Bratislava, Luc Ferrari: Stereo Spasms in Brooklyn, the GRM's Immersion festival in Paris, Documenta 14 in Athens, The Labyrinth in Niigata, MaerzMusik's The Long Now in Berlin, Semibreve in Braga, Send + Receive in Winnipeg, The Geometry of Now in Moscow, and at the Don Buchla Memorial Concerts in San Francisco.

8 PM = Door / 8:30 = Music

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