Kohoutek, Michael Potter, Pure Enchantment

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06/15/2019 8:00 PM - 11:45 PM
Vox Populi

Clavius Productions presents a night of bent psychedelia with Kohoutek, solo guitarist Michael Potter (Null Zone) and Pure Enchantment (Turner Williams of Ramble Tamble and Ed WIlcox of Temple of Bon Matin).

Saturday, June 15
Vox Populi
319 North 11th St
8pm, all ages
$8-10 suggested donation

Kohoutek (Philly/DC improv psych, MIE Music)
Michael Potter (Athens GA, solo guitar)
Pure Enchantment (Philly/Kingston NY, shahi baaja/drums duo, mem. of Temple of Bon Matin/Ramble Tamble/Guardian Alien)

From Tiny Mix Tapes:

Heads up, psych-heads. Your favorite Athens, Georgia-based psych-head, Michael Potter, is about to do something. You may not be surprised at what that something is, because that something is something he does quite often, especially considering that he’s the head honcho at tape labels NULL|Z0NE and Garden Portal.

If you can believe it — and honestly, I’m really trying not to be overwhelmed with my non-disbelief here — Potter’s going to release a new tape in the very near future. June 7, in fact.


The crazy part about this is that he’s not releasing said tape on either NULL|Z0NE OR Garden Portal, and that’s kind of blowing my mind a little bit. It’s coming out instead on Atlanta label Already Dead.

Why on earth would you DO that? I mean, the only reason I could think of is if there’s an upcoming tour or something, and you don’t want to do all the promo nonsense for your own work and focus instead on planning for that tour, you may want to have someone else do all the heavy lifting for the release, but…

Oh, shoot, there IS a tour! Well shut my mouth, I guess I’ll paste those deets below.

Anyway, the tape itself, Rain Song, is a single 20-minute track that’s sure to wallop you in the drone quadrant of your brain. Anyone coming into this expecting the brilliant Garden Portal Almanac may be disappointed, but they shouldn’t be. This is e-vo-lution people: a tangible growth in character and skill for Mr. Potter, and you shall love it or else get the hell off my plane.


Michael Potter is an OG Athens, GA head known for his pastoral solo psychedelic guitar excursions, his noise/psych collective The Electric Nature, collaborations with Crazy Doberman, and his prolific tape labels NULL ZONE and Garden Portal. For this tour he'll be playing sets of ambient American Primitive-influenced solo guitar songs and improvisations. He's got a new EP called 'Rain Song' coming out June 7th on Already Dead Tapes - https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad312-michael-potter-rain-song

Pure Enchantment - ecstatic fantasias & improv exotica for strings and percussion featuring Ed Wilcox, captain of Temple of Bon Matin (Siltbreeze, Bulb) and Turner Williams of Ramble Tamble (Eiderdown) & ex-Guardian Alien (Thrill Jockey). Their new album 'Humid Misterioso' comes out 5/31 on Null Zone - https://nullzone.bandcamp.com/album/humid-misterioso

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