Warp Factor 9: Levin, Dennis, Corbo//Secular Fusionists

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02/20/2020 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Warp Factor 9: Levin, Dennis, Corbo//Secular Fusionists

Philadelphia Suzuki Piano Academy
Address: 47th Street & Cedar Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Captain Corbo's Warp Factor 9 (every third Thursday!)
Doors at 8:30 p.m. Music 8:45 $5. BYOB!
at The Philadelphia Suzuki Piano Academy (601 S 47th St)
limited seating!!! There will be tea and chocolate! Your perception of time and space will be bent by music and pianos!

Secular Fusionists
George Draguns (Form and Mess, Don Caballero) and Kyle Press (Impressionist, Love Club) have been playing music together almost exclusively in basements for four years but this will be their first show in two! 98% Ornette Coleman worship, 2% other.

Elliott Levin/Pete Dennis/Erica Corbo
improv improv improv trio trio trio

Elliott Levin- sax and flute
No description of the Philly jazz scene exists that does not include something along the lines of "And Elliott Levin has been known to sit in, buggin' out with his sax and flute..." https://www.elliottlevin.com/

Erica Corbo-piano
Erica Corbo is a professional musician and performance artist native to the Philadelphia area. Implementing her talents mainly on the piano, she also performs as a flutist, vocalist, and dancer. Her work spans the disciplines of jazz, free improv, and original music. Erica curates and produces the monthly concert series, Warp Factor 9.

Pete Dennis-bass
Pete Dennis is a bassist, composer, improviser, visual artist and researcher. After growing up in Richmond, Virginia, he moved to Philadelphia where he has been inspired by the creative music and art of his vibrant community. In 2019, Dennis released his first two recordings, Killing a Dixie Hummingbird and Look at My Roses, under his main project name Search for the Infinite Light. Dennis leads groups such as Oarsman and Mysteries of the Heart, and performs with a number of longtime collaborators including the band Mỹ Tâm. Dennis is a student of William Parker and believes that sound is the foundation of healing.

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