Warp Factor 9 Livestream: After Z Quartet/ Moon! Moon!

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Welcome to Captain Corbo's Warp Factor 9! A monthly creative music and piano focused concert series happening every third Thursday.
***LIVESTREAM + limited OUTDOOR SEATING (weather permitting, first come first serve) @ the Philadelphia Suzuki Piano Academy 601 S. 47th St, Philly***
Suggested donation: $5-10
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After Z Quartet- spontaneous, adventurous creative improvised music by Bert Harris (b,) Terry Lawson (sax,) Elliott Levin (sax,) and Kevin Diehl (pc)
Moon! Moon!- Original songs and improvisations about old friends, walking alone, hawks, and sweets, among other things by Maya Keren (pn) and Akiva Jacobs (b)
The After Z Quartet is an ensemble of musicians who came together through their love of spontaneous, adventurous creative improvised music. They will give homage to improvisers who carried that spirit through music. They have a long history of performing together, and separately with numerous artist and creative situations.
Terry Lawson is a Philly-based tenor saxophonist who is among the legendary Philly avant-garde pioneers. Throughout his career, he has played with the Sun Ra Arkestra, is a founding member of the Sonic Liberation Front, has performed with Keith DeStefano, Raymond A. King, Tyrone Hill, Odean Pope Saxophone Choir and many others.
Kevin Diehl is a composer, drummer, percussionist and electronic music artist whose work centers on extending traditional folk forms to modern contexts. Kevin’s ensemble, Sonic Liberation Front has 6 internationally distributed records, with two new records in pre-release. As a priest of Lukumi religion and Ochan Ilu (holder of the sacred drums), Kevin performs in Lukumi (Yoruba) cultural settings in the U.S. Mid Atlantic region. Sonic Liberation Front incorporates this tradition with loft jazz and electronica. Kevin has been musical director or co-produced performances with Philadelphia Jazz Project including: The Dream Book (interdiscipilnary), Kule Se Mama, (PJP John Coltrane Festival), Mysterious Traveller (early Weather Report extravaganza). Kevin performs with Bert Harris’ Willow Trio, Terry Lawson Quartet, The trio - Price Speaks Diehl, The Loft Quartet with whom he plays Paiste Cymbals exclusively
Elliott Levin is a Philadelphia born and based poet and musician. He studied musical and literary composition at the University of Oregon. He has done further studies with Michael Guerra of the Phila. Orchestra; Cecil Taylor, pianist, composer, poet; Claire Polin, flutist composer; and Odean Pope, saxophonist, composer. Elliott has performed throughout the world with such groups as the Cecil Taylor Ensemble, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, New Ghost, Interplay, Talking Free Be-Bop, Odean Pope's Saxophone Choir, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble, Cee-Knowledge & The Cosmic Funk Orchestra, Alan Silva's Sound Vision Orchestra. He has collaborated in performance with many poets including Miguel Algarin, Bob Holman, Gloria Tropp, Reg. E. Gaines, John Sinclair, Butch Morris' CHORUS OF POETS, Wil Perkins, Frank Messina and David Amram. His original music and poetry can be found on the recordings: OLDUVAI MUSIC ("Or-Om-You'll-Us" 1978), and ILTAR ("Ewe-Doh-Noh-What-Fo'-Kiss" 1979), on TIWA Records. He was the associate producer, composer, and performer for the compilations: POETRY IN PHILADELPHIA (1989), and MUSIC FROM PHILADELPHIA (1990). As producer, composer, performer, in 1990 and 1992, he created two internationally broadcast features for New American Radio.
Bert Harris, double bass and electric bassist and composer with experience playing Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Ska, World Beat , New Orleans funk and traditional music. Bert was the bassist and musical director for two Philadelphia Jazz Projects celebrating the contributions of Sun Ra Satellites Are Spinning concerts, hosted by the Philadelphia Jazz Project. Bert recorded two cd's with Byard Lancaster and has two compositions, “Sunday Sermon on Mars, Homage to Sun Ra” and “Blues for Trayvon” published in the second edition of the Philadelphia Real Book.
Moon! Moon! is the artistic collaboration of Maya Keren (piano, Philadelphia) and Akiva Jacobs (bass, Boston.) Some things they like to do: hang out, go to Wawa, improvise together, swim, play each other’s compositions, wear warm headbands, prepare their instruments and each other’s instruments and each other, Charlie Parker! Kris Davis!, say “Moon! Moon!” when they see the moon, play Double Bill by Chris Weisman, and try to get inside each other’s sounds by playing long tones.
Captain Corbo’s Warp Factor 9 is a monthly concert series created, curated, and produced by pianist and artist, Erica Corbo. Held in a small piano studio in West Philadelphia, the series features small creative ensembles of all genres in an intimate community setting. WF9 creates a much needed home for local avant-garde and jazz acts, as well as for solo pianists and piano-focused ensembles. In pairing the avant-garde with more mainstream genres, Erica hopes to break down the unnecessary divides placed between musical styles, artistic disciplines, peoples, and all other things.
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